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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EST

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i'm sorry but the big picture. of the. crash mass protests looming egypt where the opposition declares war on the referendum on the constitution calling for a repeat of the votes of the planes the widespread fall. under as egypt and others continue to reel from the effects of the arab spring some revolutionaries now say that two years old planes have only gotten worse it's. been long trial the medical workers thousands of spain protested howls privatize ation as the activities called for mortal aspirations against.
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its eleven in the morning in the russian capital you're watching all see was me hello and welcome to the park ron. now the main opposition group in egypt has urged its supporters to again occupy the streets and squares in a bid to challenge the fuss around with a referendum on a new constitution the national salvation front ones are peaceful they would count code claiming it was plagued by overwhelming fraud i'm concerned the results indicate that fifty six percent approve of the draft constitution which was drawn out by the islamists with the backing of the president and the muslim brotherhood it's vigorously rejected by the opposition who blame the government would turning the constitution into an islamist code and there's still time for campaign is against the draft to turn things around before the polls open for the referendum a second stage on saturday national salvation front spokes person. hoping the opposition's complaints won't remain and had. right now we want the authorities
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the election commission to look into the violations and to decide by itself whether this is good enough in order to repeat the first round and in case we are going to go to the second round we want to make sure the violations are not going to be repeated particular need terms of the outcome judicial supervision there were not enough judges yesterday to look into the or to supervise the vote we also complained about preventing our observers the preservers or human rights groups from attending the counting process according to a decision by the judges we want to attend and be present during the counting and we also complaining about the fact that the muslim brotherhood members were getting their propaganda inside the polling stations until the last minute trying to influence voters and try to convince them to vote yes for the constitution claiming that voting no would that mean that you are an infidel or that you are against the stamp so we're still holding a lot of hope that that president morsi will listen to the voice of wisdom and consider that this is just an institution that's dividing the country even if we
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take the results that are being circulated right now it's not you know it's definitely in a country after the revolution to have a constitution that's approved by fifty something just. there's also a whole topic at all t. dot com and there we are asking you what future would be country of space if its new constitution is adopted and so far over a third of you believe the country could turn into a hardline islamic state under my seat and the eruption of sectarian violence if you were expecting an uprising among those who believe the revolution has been hijacked some point out that the new constitution does not differ that much from the old one and minorities say egypt will face a new fight for power between the muslim brotherhood and the military so do go online to have your say. there's egypt continues to be grouped by instability it's just one of the countries still feeling the effects of the arab spring their regional string of revolts has already claimed tens of thousands of lives down
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several regimes with no sign of it stopping and to some of those who helped usher in the changes then they say now that no better off now is all he's there are reports. it began here in tunisia two years ago when a poverty stricken french vendor set himself on fire in an octave just for a show and some say he was a hero others say he was a drunkard with a history of psychological problems whatever more hollow was uses real motivation was his act of self-immolation set up a string of events which became known as the arab spring decades old regimes were toppled but what came to replace them is hardly what most of the people in these countries had in mind when they were doing the revolutions they wanted freedom of speech and. reading the tables and one thing that seems to be very different recent situation this war strike on comparison to what. comparison to the us before. the revolution personally i don't feel safe.
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when we see. all the violence of the police. or of a small part of or. if one policy attacked by some nationalist people. there are less freedoms right now when it comes to under their own freedoms there are attacks on individual freedoms every day they received so many messages from girls saying but they were. street even by police men. who didn't tolerate their or their way off but the rest say this if you can have. just two hears ago hopes of transition from authoritarian regimes to new democratic forms of government seem to have you know rising economies in shambles and increased
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interest content the pattern is the same internation egypt where people are worrying out on the streets again with you you when. sest though only months ago they were rallying in support of the muslim brotherhood and the freedom and justice party during the elections i think a lot of people did vote for the muslim brotherhood in egypt because they wanted economic changes not just getting rid of mubarak and having morsi and morsi open though he's obviously you know very different political figure in terms of his ideology has carried on much the same policies in terms of economic policy in libya the uprising to comply he turned a month of deaf people in the country for over four years was deposed and killed in two thousand and eleven and he nearly in government has been struggling to control parts of the country going as far as beseeching the entire town of bani walid for allegedly providing shelter to diehard conductor supporters the are using heavy machinery to demolish the demolished houses second be using now.
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guys again it's just a feeling people children and now i'm dad got really sick reaming we would die humanity of the water the police had us save our family. i got this time to make libya they had a quantum bit where no one can stop them and they have unlimited money and we've been to the western leaders were quick to praise teams across the middle east they said it was the beginning of a new democratic era for the region but the model of democracy they may have had in mind doesn't seem to be the right fit i think it has to be a different type of a democratic system. the democracy that the u.s. would like to impose upon egypt tunisia and morocco and the other countries throughout the region and even libya where was waged last year to topple the
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gadhafi government is not suitable to the people inside of that region in tunisia even those twenty. thousands of magic. workers have launched on the spanish council against plans to privatized hospitals with more until ceratin are protests planned over the next few days madrid says the harsh financial measures are crucial to help the country climb out of a deep recession investment advisor patrick young believes the government's approach to the crisis is not london spain in trouble in the first place. the problem is that the spanish government doesn't have any money and that's ultimately the problem the difficulty with the spanish government is that it hasn't actually wanted to to bite the bullet all over the multiple areas in which it's been deficient for many many years and minutely one could say that was the previous government run rather than the current government however the trick. to pay all of these nurses and doctors there is no money for this largish government infrastructure it has to be privatized sold off there have to be salvaged cultures
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because truly spain has spent the last decade living on the never never it was built on the back of a huge property bubble the bubble was unsustainable nobody managed to manage that and unfortunately while we can obviously say it's a tragedy for the poor independent health care professionals there's just no way to manage to find the money to aid them in modern spain the biggest shock of the whole year hasn't died leaving the fact that the euro was held together the european union is putting on a brave face it's throwing money around the place it's trying all manner of things to hold together a cracking and creaking facade and ultimately you know they might just manage to carry it off but ultimately i think the smart money is waiting in the wings and it's looking at the whole idea that we are going to see a euro break down even if it's not going to be as instantaneous as some of us might have predicted. still to come here for you on l.t. green with and mitzi a good was in the year for the government sets out to boost
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a renewable at the tree but many britons are questioning whether being eco plainly comes at too high a cost. than folks in bahrain feel they have to handle the state as police used tear gas to disperse anti government ronnie's polling became speech calling precipitated. the. line in motion would be soon which brightened if you knew about sound from phones to pressure these. these friends don't talk t.v. don't come. to me speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic it's all here
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this is also the welcome back more violence has had the streets of bahrain's capital manami well actually it's a police used tear gas on hundreds of poor will fall demonstrators the clutches happened on sunday after the gulf monarchies king delivered his annual national day
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address calling for more unity the country's opposition is threatening more marches later this week as anti-government campaign is continue rallying discrimination in october bahraini authorities banned public gatherings in that time to stun almost two years of nonstop protests in which up to eighty people were killed and thousands are arrested last week prominent human rights defend the bill ritter had his prison sentence reduced but this wasn't enough to calm his war calling on him on his immediate release hussein of dollars from americans for democracy and human rights in bahrain says the situation won't change as long as the government is banned by the west. whenever they come under pressure from western allies like united states or u.k. they always talk the good talk but they never. do the walking and other wards recently they came under tremendous pressure from the united states to open up their political systems to start a serious dialogue to reform the political situation however no such serious steps
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has been taken for example we still see attacks on peaceful protests we still see political prisoners not to release torture still taking place human rights violations are taking place on daily basis the human rights issues the going to behind not allowing for just in the first place first a law or the king came up with a law that basically banned any kind of peaceful protest. so this is a violation of international law so when people challenge the law that's not illegal there is a clear clear double standard when it comes to u.s. foreign policy in the region especially rain and syria where the rise violations are committed and behind on daily basis however we hear nor can the nation from the united states and we would like to see a larger scale of. diplomatic pressure and international pressure on the bahraini
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regime so it will basically start a serious dialogue release all political prisoners and hold the criminals responsible who killed and tortured citizens of. course in syria bashar al assad's vice president says neither the government nor the rebels have the military power to prevail in the conflict. arises calling for a peaceful solution through the creation of a unity government some rebel forces have their open to seeing sharon lead an interim cabinet neighboring turkey which strongly supports the insurgents also considers the vice president a credible candidate to replace i sound a while damascus is on the defensive as al qaeda linked militants claim to have captured in another no it's base as the latest advance on the battlefield while russia and china continue to lead calls against foreign intervention. we believe that the matters of the. food be decided by the syrian people not
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by the outside force. force who say that i don't like this guy i want him to gold. for the chinese. it's. because you are for if you don't like the leader of this country why should you decide who should stay you should go to we have a problem with. that comes the moment. you can watch this interview later on r.t. at six forty five pm g.m.t. and to some other international news stories and the connecticut town that happened this secondary school shooting in u.s. history is you to hold the still twenty funerals for schoolchildren massacred in their classrooms last week. president obama traveled to newtown and gave a speech condemning the country's inability to protect children and demanded
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changes in their response to mass shootings the massacre has sparked calls for tighter laws on gun control with the easy accessibility of weapons being cited by many as the main reason america suffers so many for killing. leaders national assembly has temporarily secured the country's northern frontier imposing emergency rule in promises near the border it's in a bid to curb the flow of illegal migrants and guns and drugs coming in from four neighboring states the border region has been riddled with lawlessness ever since last year's uprising resulting in the ousting and death of moammar gadhafi. rians are remembering came the go ill who died a year ago today actually hundreds of thousands of people led by their late leaders son and successor to the young gathered to mourn people young the anniversary comes just days after north korea carried out another controversial rocket launch which
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was condemned by world leaders the communist country also remains economically challenged partially due to four assumptions. on the mind set to become japan's next prime minister has spoken of a huge task ahead following what looks like a convincing general election victory the conservative liberal democratic party leader sions or are the faces difficult decisions on the economy and london spews with china its obvious second stint as prime minister after a spell in charge from two thousand and six two thousand and seven i was appalled to just a landslide win the world with almost two hundred seats. the british government is determined to go green it's a win for fifteen percent of the country's energy needs to be generated by renewable sources by twenty twenty but those eco friendly ambitions could come at a harsh cost for its citizens as altie is lorson with has been finding out. wind turbines turn in the breeze they might not generate much power but they're
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certainly putting people in a spin it's a route that dividing david cameron's coalition government to get his energy minister says he's against wind farms and enough is enough while his energy secretary says he's got no hope for them to speak for the government the energy secretary or the energy minister or the prime minister but in this case he doesn't seem quite sure there's been no change to alter nubile energy but in the same breath he hinted the number of wind farms could be reviewed after current targets are fulfilled this would anger the liberals but greatly pleased those who say wind farms are an expensive waste of time such as landowner philip merrick's who lives near little cheney caught wind farm the locals were united against it every single democratically local organization that's the councils were against it but of course the developers very careful they dished out
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a lot of money to locals and of course that board a bit of support amazingly wind farms have got a p.r. . campaign behind them but people do sing seem to think that they're helpful to the environment which of course they're not this one's been open since two thousand and eight and during that time output has improved but it's coming from a pretty low base that only twenty one and a half percent capacity in its first year to just twenty six percent last year. there are twenty six wind turbines behind me each one of which costs in the region of two million pounds to erect according to locals we've come on a good day all the wind turbines are currently working usually they say that's not the case and a lot of the time they just stopped doing that and that's the rub people need electricity twenty four seven not just when the wind is blowing so wind power is still need supplementing by fossil fueled power stations but despite its
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shortcomings the tax payer folks out fifty percent of it's running costs all subsidies the right way to encourage and in streets mature or actual shooting i think what we're doing is we're rewarding in adequate technologies now and indeed with fossilize in the more infantilizing them we actually preventing growth what we really need to save these people yes we can if you can improve and you can show that you've got a place you're welcome at the moment we're covering them with gold when in fact i quite inadequate locals are quick to point out that less than eight kilometers away is a nuclear power station so posted by the community as a reliable source of power and local employees unlike the wind which is controlled from germany but if david cameron refuses to be blown off course the government will stick to its plans and more than double the amount of on shore wind power by two thousand and twenty to meet european targets nor smith r.t.
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kent and up next in just a few minutes we focus on the extremist movement in europe i mean the huge inflow of. in his sacred laboratory to mccurry was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which on fortunately.
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player . play. play. play. play play. play.
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live. more news today violence is once again flared up live. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada at least trying to look for a shelter all day please. the hartland is the town of illusion fifty kilometers north of london. an old working
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class town now plagued by a moment point in two thousand and two in the car industry learned some thirty thousand workers were laid off. its two hundred twenty thousand residents including a large number of muslims. so the five thousand of them living neighborhood around the griever road all the shops are hollow and all the women wear veils. tommy robinson the founder and leader of e.t.l. lives in luton and agrees to meet us in his shop somewhat unexpectedly it's a beauty sample his clients come to the herald top off their times. with movements headquarters is temporary it's a squat on a construction site. the following day there's a protest. rankest the rallying point just how i am it's one of london's most difficult areas the messages are nothing near. being would love it or leave it
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for example because. it's so funny. what if we want for it fulfills a book where they say fifteen hundred. maybe two thousand. but everybody wants to go to have it because the first of all it's. great. as you know as. a people. we can also tell how it's so how did you. how do you do it. so how much was badly hit by last of this rioting that spread across england. four days of chaos and we take. us for two hours of some violent attacks like this one that shocked the country thanks.
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to the citizens movement take to the streets to restore order. we'll build on the cricket for one reason to stick up for our families and a much closer set all of. them can overtake them in my. case my i now know english and yet the right says include people of the racial origin african asian and european. should be spontaneous citizens movements often being directed by that yeah which decides to make the fat business. by saying. boy white for the place there when he was the place else complete control of the streets at that point and its members of our community who are terrified into houses. houses again.


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